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Additional Characters: + half the price of the first character. ( For example: 2 chibi characters in lineart with no background = $2 + $1 = $3 )


  • Simple: monochromatic background (not a specific place). Someexamples.
  • Detailed: The character is in an specific place (indoors or outdoors).Some examples.

This is my commission info. You can see more of my art work here.

Some commissions I’ve done, can be seen here.

Here’s the table with the commission prices:

Things I’ll draw:

  • Fanart (any anime/cartoon/fandom) : (Some examples of things I’ve drawn before: Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Naruto, Hetalia, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon, TLoZ, ATLA, Supernatural, BBC Sherlock, HTTYD, etc.)
  • OC’s
  • Couples (the second character counts as an additional character)
  • Animals / monsters
  • Anthropomorphic creatures (half human / half animal)
  • Nudity

Things I can’t draw (yet):

  • Gore / porn / hentai / rated +18 things (anything NSFW)
  • Mechas
  • Complex weapons or armors


  • I have the right to decline a commission
  • I’ll reply back saying I accept your commission and tell you the what will the total cost be.
  • Please pay the commission after I send you the sketch for your approval. (I’ll be sending a payment request.)
  • Let me know if you have a deadline.
  • Once your commission is finished. I’ll send you an email with t the picture (in .jpeg, .png, or .tiff). If you want the .psd file, let me know.
  • If you choose a colour palette commission, please attach the colour palette I’ll be using (max 6 colours).
  • If you order a commission batch, the characters will be charged with anormal price. They only cost half if they are in the same picture withanother character(s).
  • I have the right to post the commission to my art blog. Unless you state otherwise (Just let me know). 
  • Please fill the order form below if you’re going to commission me. 


  • Character: Character’s name
  • Age of the character: So I can have an idea how it’ll look physically.
  • Additional Characters: and their description of each (name + age).
  • Pose: Please specify if you want the character making anything in particular. The more descriptive you are, the more I’ll be able to approach what you want. (This is really important, please, always describe a pose AND attach a reference of it (if possible). If you don’t describe the pose, I’ll suppose you’re giving me artistic freedom…)
  • Drawing Style: Chibi / Cartoon (waist-up or full body) / Normal (bust / waist-up / full body) / Animals (Cartoon / Realistic) / Special (bust / colour palette / pattern background / stickers / icon)
  • Type of colouring: Lineart / Flat colour / Simple Shading / Cell-Shading
  • Background: No background (white or transparent) / Simple / Detailed (if it is detailed, please be specific saying where the character is and what’s around them… otherwise I’ll come up with something)
  • Notes: Anything I should keep in mind when I draw the character(s).
  • References: Please attach a picture to the form (.jpeg or .png). If it is an OC, I’d prefer that you attach a reference sheet. (Another important note:  If you want me to draw a full body character, please attach a reference that shows the full body of the character, not just their face.)
  • Paypal E-mail: Your paypal e-mail.

Payment: Paypal only (in USD)

If you’re interested, please contact me through either:

  • my ask box
  • fan mail
  • my email:

Thank you!


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I'm a person that draws, who is self-taught. I'm studying a career related to animation and digital art. Thanks for taking your time to look through my profile and gallery. I appreciate every comment and constructive critique is welcomed.

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